Corporate compliance and legal department:

Corporate Compliance is a set of procedures and good practices adopted by organizations to identify and classify the operational and legal risks they face and establish internal mechanisms for prevention, management, control and reaction against them.

Since 2017, and in accordance with the Guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Argentina enacted Law 27,401 on Criminal Liability of legal persons, establishing economic and custodial penalties for managers of the companies that incur the legal figures contemplated in the law.

That is why it is necessary (article 22 of Law 27,401) and advisable, the implementation of Integrity or Compliance Programs that mitigate the risks derived from practices that may have some connection with behaviors of corruption, money laundering, adulteration of financial statements, among other contemplated crimes. This is even more important and necessary in airlines in permanent contact with public officials and various national, provincial, municipal authorities.

Compliance in many cases, already having the evolution of the legal framework worldwide and the clear trend in this regard, has ceased to be a voluntary option for many organizations and has become a requirement to be integrated into their strategy and structures internal in order to comply with the legal precepts or to be able to protect themselves against risk situations that would put the stability and continuity of the organization's activity in serious problems. See more

In addition, our Legal Department legally represents companies, users, owners and airlines before the National and International Courts as well as we advise them in the preparation of their contracts and arbitration clauses in order to avoid, many times, the costs of litigation. . We provide the legal advice necessary for the conclusion of aircraft acquisition contracts, as well as their financing, as well as their instrumentation, registration and execution.

Years of experience in different aeronautical institutions support us.