Air operations department:

Safety, Efficiency and Economy

The Operations area does not work alone, it must do it in the context of a team. This team must be made up of suitable and experienced people with very good communication between them, in order to develop synergies and a lot of empathy between them. JETLEX AVIATION INTELLIGENCE operations, will take into account all the integral aspects of your company, normative, administrative, financial, political, national and international adjusted to its operational reality and in accordance with current regulations.

Three basic operating premises distinguish us:
  • 1. Security
  • 2. Cost-Efficiency Ratio
  • 3. Regulatory compliance
  • 4. Excellence of Service
  • 5. Availability 24 hours.

The personnel of the JETLEX operations department that develops, leads and advises you in your operations have a realistic vision of the short and medium term dangers that air activities entail, related to the cost structure and operational profile of your firm.

  • For us, training is investing in safety, efficiency and productivity.

The air operations in which we intervene are designed and supervised in compliance with current national and international regulations with a high standard of safety and operational excellence. We accompany and advise you in the adjustments that are necessary in your Operations Manuals in order to accompany the dynamic regulatory changes and avoid the irregular and dangerous practice of "copy and paste" that in most cases entail operational risks "in the shadows ”And that require numerous and unnecessary revisions.

We can advise and certify security, management and quality systems for the high-level aeronautical industry given the special characteristics of the activity, which is subject to international norms and standards.

We can accompany the certification process:
  • IOSA
  • SMS
  • SMS / SSP
  • BARS
  • IS-BAO
  • IS-BAH

JETLEX in the design and development of Air Operations maintains:
  • Comprehensive Security Management.
  • Corporate Strategic Vision.
  • Continuous improvement of management processes and their results
  • Integration of Human Factors and CRM practices in all
  • the areas
  • Continuous Training Systems
  • Active monitoring and surveillance of your operations

The interrelation of the JETLEX Operations Area with the other specialized departments that the firm has, assures our clients the best safety and efficiency standards in the market.