Aeronautical Training:

We provide all our clients and their staff with extensive benefits in their training through the agreement signed with IFAC, (Aviation Training Institute) with more than 23 years of experience, and one of the few CIACs, (aeronautical training and education centers) certified under the Argentine Civil Aviation Regulations, RAAC 142 for comprehensive training of Aeronautical personnel for regular and non-regular commercial Aerocommercial companies (RAAC part 121 and 135).

All the courses required by current regulations are available to be able to affect aeronautical personnel in your company (RAAC part 61,65,135,121) in addition to the regular courses of:
  • TCP Passenger Cabin Crew
  • Executive Aviation Course
  • Commercial / Commercial Pilot 1st
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Ramp Service Operator
  • Aerodrome signalman and restricted radiotelephone operator
  • English courses for cabin crew
  • English courses for pilots
  • Vant Pilot Course
  • HF & CRM