Air Transport and Business Aviation

JETLEX CONSULTORA AERONAUTICA PROVIDES efficient and effective technical, operational, legal, tax and administrative advice for airline companies in training (Start-up) such as those already established, advising on planning, elaboration of strategic objectives, definition of investment needs, projection and implementation of strategic plans optimizing the operation of your company.

We develop and evaluate your Business Plan and Financial Projections.

JETLEX AVIATION INTELLIGENCE has been offering exclusive and SPECIALIZED services in Business Aviation for more than 10 years.

We are the technical, operational and legal support of numerous transport companies specialized in business aviation, carrying out personalized advice tailored to the operations of each operator.

We also provide ground assistance to the international community of operators and executives who depend on corporate or private aircraft, reducing their costs and ensuring their trip in all administrative, legal, technical, operational and logistical aspects, in order to achieve and maintain standards of operational safety and optimal comfort.


We provide the comprehensive legal and technical advice necessary to enable aircraft, certify corporate flight companies and affect their personnel and aircraft, as well as the renewal of the corresponding certifications and the strict control of their expiration dates, ensuring their daily operation and that of their clients.

AIRCRAFT ADMINISTRATION: We strictly control the needs of your air fleet, managing it, optimizing its operational and economic performance, as well as controlling its maintenance and airworthiness in optimal conditions.

We use advanced “data analytics” and “business intelligence” tools to monitor your operations in real time and optimize the use of your aircraft.


We have national and foreign professionals specialized in "Fleet Planning" and "route development" that allows us to provide a unique service of excellence in the region for the analysis of the acquisition of aircraft, new or used, as well as the impact on their operations to through strict econometric, economic-financial-technical and legal studies, with advanced technological tools for data science.

The purchase, renovation or sale of an aircraft is not an easy task, since operating costs or unmeasured events can lead to high costs, the impossibility of the operation or a projected profitability lower than valued.

For this reason, the analyzes we carry out, with a unique know-how, allow us to provide our clients with all possible alternatives and artificial intelligence simulations in order to reach an intelligent decision and optimize all available resources.

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We can design your corporate flight according to your requirements with the executive flight company that best suits your needs, providing all the logistical, technical, legal and administrative support in order to obtain maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.