Aeronautical Corporate Finance Department:

At JETLEX AVIATION INTELLIGENCE, we advise you on the evaluation of the alternatives available for financing your aircraft in both national and international financial institutions, with a panel of experts in corporate and quantitative valuation and finance applied to the national and international aeronautical market.

We prepare, review, implement and register the guarantee contracts that are required both in the Argentine Republic and before international organizations (Cape Town Convention 2001), granting legal security to the operation and immediate repossession in case of non-compliance.

We evaluate the management of financial assets (“asset management”) and apply advanced quantitative tools to optimize their profitability.

We achieve that your aircraft is not only a tool for work, comfort and safety, but also a financial asset that allows you to generate profitability through the implementation of legal and financial instruments in force in national and international markets.


Leasing is the most extensive legal and financial instrument in the international aircraft market.

JETLEX has extensive experience in the valuation of small and large aircraft, both for the Taker and the Giver of the contract, as well as their registration and registration.

We have experience in Operational Leasing as well as in Financial Leasing, and we have an external study in foreign trade that provides us with all the necessary tools to obtain the financing required for the operation, as well as the availability of the equipment and its entry into the Country or its departure.

JETLEX's extensive experience in the matter gives it legal and technical security both in the prior negotiation and in the signing of the leasing contract for your private, corporate or airline aircraft (s) for passengers, cargo or exclusive cargo, providing you with viable and optimal alternatives, as well as your registration and monitoring.