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In JetLex We have a teaching staff of world-class performing online-e-learning courses and in-company on the following topics:

  • Management system in operational security (SMS) and its implementation.
  • Human factors and their impact in aviation accidents and incidents.
  • Human factors in aviation maintenance
  • Crew Resources Management (CRM).
  • Instruction in air logistics and aviation regulation
  • Import and export of goods by air
  • Advice on Multimodal transport
  • Approval of repair stations or extension of their qualifications and certifications (FAA, ANAC, DINACIA, DGAC).
  • Aviation Quality (ISO 9001/2015 y AC 9100).
  • Regulations and certifications of FAA, APA, ANAC, DGAC.
  • Advice in  IATA PHARMA
  • Air cargo

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