Consultoría aeronáutica


Technical and legal advice in aviation

Business Aviation

Enabling of air companies, advising in fleet renewal, contact by transfers, management of aircraft, asset managment, fleet planing, cost structures of aircraft and operating costs among others.


Aviation litigation, legal and technical aseroramiento in maintenance of aircraft, financial and economic studies, among others

Aviation Finance

Leasing (Dry Lease y Wet Lease), ACMI, Mortage. Advising on contracts of Bank international financing, among others.

Other Services

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Technical and legal advice in aviation

JETLEX consultant aviation specializes in providing a broad and accurate legal and technical advice to aeronautical companies and airlines, as well as individuals, all linked with the aeronautical civil and commercial aviation activity topic. We work closely our customers, understand their situation and adapt ourselves 100% to their needs and expectations. We are available 24 hours a day for all types of situation requiring rapid resolution of conflict. Be with us!


We love what we do, why we want to share with you some of our works
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San Luis Airlines

We advise the investors through a financial economic and legal plan of the airline to acquire and lease its fleet of aircraft
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International Aircraft´s operations

We advise in the import an international finance of new and used aircraft for private ownerships, airlines and flight school, and advise on the international rules and updating of standards LAR, (Regulations Latin American aeronautical)
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Financial economic forecasting

We carry out economic studies financial and profitability planned for aircraft like DC-9, Boeing 737-200/700/800, Learjet 45/60, ATR-72 and other aircraft to airlines Aerovias San Luis S.A. and various national and international air taxi companies
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Our Aviation News

We share some of our articles published in journals specializing in aviation law and finance (in Spanish)


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